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DJ of the Week #3

Stephen Bowe is the DJ for this week and his radio career began very early in life. Many years ago, Stephen was just a small boy forced to listen to the Steve Harvey Morning Show on the bus to school in 6th grade. He took the skills he heard in Steve Harvey’s soothing voice and his father’s computer to record his own radio show using Garageband. Unfortunately, he was not available at the time of this article to post those recordings if they still exist at all. Sadly, he was unable to pursue radio in high school and it wasn’t until he saw the WCNU Radio booth at club fair his Freshmen year that he reignited the old flame.
Stephen has been making his show Hamburger Party with his friend Jeremy since his first coming to CNU and he is currently a Sophomore. Both hosts contribute music to the show but Jeremy likes to play 80s and alternative synth music. Their show consists of music in between improvised skits that usually feature intentionally horrible impersonations and general discussion based on topics they introduce at the start of their show.
As he is currently a student, Stephen is planning on majoring in History with a minor in Museum Studies. Unsurprisingly, he plans on graduating and working at a museum. Field work does not interest Stephen but he appreciates the hard work of those who go out and find artifacts. Stephen is currently focusing entirely on his academics so he does not have time for a job.
When he has free time, Stephen likes to play video games and be with friends. With these friends he has recently taken a liking to Robbie Rotten videos and discussing conspiracy theories. While he is aware conspiracy theories are false, he finds that entertaining their truth is more entertaining than reality on occasion. Another skill that has peaked Stephen’s interest has been working with Photoshop and Audacity to see what he can create. While he claims to not be very good with either, he thinks that messing around in them is fun.

DJ of the Week #2

This week’s DJ is Spencer Horn AKA DJ Spence, the host of WCNU Radio’s “The Weekend Rollout.” Spencer began his career as a DJ in senior year of high school, where he would play his music so loudly that the entire bus could hear it. His fellow bus riding students dubbed him DJ Spence and he decided to keep the name for his show on WCNU Radio. He saw WCNU Radio at club fair and decided to join and have his own show.

Spencer’s show, “The Weekend Rollout” is his way of hyping up his listeners for the weekend with electronic dance music (EDM). His show is inspired by DJ Dirty Elbows, who was a frequent guest on Hot 99.5’s “The Kane Show.” While Spencer mainly plays EDM, he wants to play what his audience wants to hear, and is therefore very request friendly. Spencer hopes and aspires to gain a large enough audience where he can split into having two shows, one to focus on EDM and the other to play listener requests.

Along with WCNU Radio, Spencer is a member of Spectrum and is looking to join the Sign Language club. Spencer has already expressed interest in joining the WCNU Radio Eboard team but his main goal is community engagement. Spencer is working to involve himself in WCNU Radio’s community as well as the CNU community as a whole. To this end Spencer encourages anyone to come up and talk with him, as he wants to know the people who listen to his show and WCNU. Spencer is also an Eagle Scout and loves to hike and game in his free time. Spencer is a Freshmen in the President’s Leadership Program who is currently looking to major in Computer Science and minor in Leadership.

Twitter: @DJSpenceWCNU

Facebook: @WCNUTWR

DJ of the Week #1

12622563_10207048864354821_2522829439016713062_oOur first DJ of the Week is Tom Aberman, who is Promotions Manager for WCNU Radio and a lover of music. Tom has been a member of WCNU Radio for three years and he began his show during his freshmen year. Before he came to CNU and joined WCNU Radio, Tom had been in an internship with Sirius XM Radio on a political talk show. When he saw former WCNU Radio President Zach Whitten and WCNU Radio’s booth at club fair his freshmen year, he joined up and began his college radio experience.

Tom’s show: “Tom and Barbour Awesome Albums, Great Job” has Tom and his friend Barbour Ulrich on the mic where they talk about and play an entire album for their two hour show. The music that Tom usually selects for his show are electronic music and experimental hip hop. “Tom and Barbour Awesome Albums, Great Job” is on every Sunday from 12-2pm and this show was Tom’s gateway into WCNU Radio’s executive board.

Although he was passionate about music and WCNU, Tom was initially hesitant to join WCNU Radio’s Eboard. Zach Whitten saw Tom’s passion and potential so for three years he urged Tom to apply for WCNU leadership. Eventually Tom agreed to apply and he was accepted into the position of Promotions Manager, which Tom was grateful for because that was the position he thought fit the best. Tom had already been using creative and unconventional methods to promote his show on social media so is currently applying those skills to WCNU Radio as a whole.

Most of Tom’s time is filled with classes and working on projects for WCNU Radio but in his free time Tom likes to explore new forms of music and has recently picked up DJing for parties. Tom is a junior planning to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Communication and he hopes to work for a marketing or public relations company in Washington DC or New York.

General Meeting

We have a meeting for all of our DJs on Thursday, November 3. If you are a DJ it is required that you attend as we will be covering new station policies, future WCNU Radio events, and others important topics. The meeting will be held at 8pm in Forbes 1022. We look forward to seeing all of our DJs!