We’re Off The Air

WCNU DJs and Listeners:
You’ve either noticed yourself, or have heard that we have been off the air for almost 3 months now. In the past we’ve had issues with the site being broken, or issues with the server, etc, however this time the problems are much more significant.
At the beginning of winter break, our president Henri Huber received an email from the Office of Student Activities, explaining that our station has not been complying with copyright law for multiple years, and this needed to be settled before we could broadcast again.
In short, there are multiple licenses we need to buy yearly to be able to broadcast again. This will run us around $1000 per year to maintain functionality. This will never manifest as dues for members. Fortunately, we are allowed to broadcast music publicly, so we can still be hired to DJ and make enough money to stay afloat. We’re working with the school to lighten the financial burden in the future. We have the money to pay off these as soon as we can.
However, a secondary issue became apparent. One of the licenses is very restrictive over the music we play, unless we are classified as an Educational Non-Profit. WCNU has always let our DJs have as much freedom to play whatever music they want, in whatever order, no matter what. Therefore we’re currently in the process of working out how to become classified as an Educational Non-Profit.
Unfortunately we have no idea how long this could take. But rest assured, we’re doing everything we can to get back on the air as fast as possible.
Meanwhile, you’ll still see us every Tuesday in the DSU for Tuesday Tunes, at campus events, and around campus.
When we’re back we’ll be better than ever.
Keep on rocking,
WCNU Executive Board