New Year for WCNU Radio

We have started our 2016-2017 year of shows and all of us are incredibly excited! We have a lot of new shows and DJs along with our returning group so make sure to sample our show selection and find shows that you really like. Click on this post for more information about WCNU Radio

All of our shows and their times are in the Programming tab on our site and we always have music playing, even if there isn’t a show scheduled. Along with our 24/7 stream we also have numerous services:

  • DJing events on and off campus
  • Advertising
  • Event Recording
  • Performance Recording

If you want to contact WCNU Radio for our services or you are interested in having your own show on air then you can find the WCNU Eboard contact information on the Leadership page. We are currently planning events and we will keep this website and our social media pages updated with events and news about the station. This year is going to be amazing and everyone here at WCNU Radio can’t wait to see what the year has in store.